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  • JoePlay

    Earthrise developer interview

    February 15, 2011 by JoePlay

    Masthead has answered the questions asked by the wiki community. Read on for the complete interview.

    What content will exist for PvPers, PvEers, and Guilds?

    Although Earthrise is a PvP centric game, the content is enough to satisfy all types of players. PvPers feel at home. They have the chance to attack and defend from other players all over the map except in a few demilitarized zones. The chance to fully loot your opponent adds to the PvP thrill. Players can keep their items in the inventory if they use the insurance option in the game. It protects every insured item for a cost. In March we are planning to add the territory conquest which will be a place in Earthrise where guilds will fight for the most precious resources on the island and…

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  • JoePlay

    Great news! Masthead Studios, the developer for Earthrise, has agreed to participate in an interview with Earthrise Wiki. This means that you, the Earthrise fans, have an oppurtunity to ask the questions you want answered!

    Please post your questions in the comments section of this blog post. The questions will be compiled and sent to Masthead. When we have received their answers, the complete interview will be posted here on the wiki.

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