There are several so-called "slash commands" (or "client commands" or some times "chat commands") which lets the user quickly access special functions though the chat window.

The typical usage of a slash command is /command argument

Command Description Usage
/ah_bidout_offer Bid out an offer from auction house
/ah_calc_fee Calculate the fee for a new auction house offer
/ah_create_offer Create a new auction house offer
/ah_durations List all auction durations available
/ah_get_my_offers Query my auction house offers
/ah_item_ptypes List item primary types available
/ah_item_stypes List item secondary types available
/ah_list_offers Shows auction house offers
/ah_query_offers Query auction house for offers
/bank_deposit_credits Deposits credits from wallet to bank
/bank_display_contents Displays avatar bank content from server
/bank_get_max_slots Displays maximum bank slots available to avatar
/bank_put_item Moves avatar item from inventory to bank
/bank_request_contents Requests avatar bank content from server
/bank_take_item Moves avatar item from bank to inventory
/bank_withdraw_credits Withdraws credtis from bank to wallet
/buy_insurance_slot Requests a new insurance slot
/do_back Goes back on open interactive conversation
/do_choice Choices an option in interactive conversation
/do_close Closes open interactive conversation
/dump_memory_stats Dump memory statistics
/dump_performance_info Dump performace profile info
/echo Echoes self argument string
/exec Executes external file with commands
/g Send message to guild members
/gaccept Accepts an invitation for guild invite
/gdecline Declines an invitation for guild invite
/gdesc Sets a new guild description (you must be a guild master).
/gdisband Disbands guild (you must be a guild master).
/get_insured_slots Shows how many insurance slots you have
/ginfo Requests info for guild.
/ginspect Inspects a guild for which you have an invitation
/ginvite Invites a player in guild. /ginvite [playername]
/gkick Kicks a player from guild (you must be a guild master). /gkick [playername]
/gleave Leaves a guild (you must not be a guid master).
/gmembers Display guild roster.
/gmotd Sets a new Message of the Day for guild (you must be a guild master).
/gpromote Promootes another guild player to be a guild master (you must be a guild master).
/groster Requests guild roster.
/gshow Display info for guild.
/help Prints all the client commands.
/insure_eq Requests equipment insurance
/insure_item Requests item insurance
/interact_with Interact with NPC or object
/invitation_info Gets additional info about a party you're being invited to.
/invite Invites another player to your party (creates one if you're not in party).
/is_eq_insured Shows if the player's equipment is insured
/is_item_insured Shows if an item is insured
/list_inventory_items Shows the ids of all items in the inventory
/mem_profiler Memory profiler options
/p Send message to party members
/paccept Accepts invitation for party.
/party_info Gets additional info about your current party.
/pdecline Declines invitation for party.
/pkick Kicks player from your current party. /pkick [playername]
/pleave Leaves your current party.
/pt_add Adds an item for trading
/pt_cancel Cancels player trade
/pt_confirm Confirms the transaction
/pt_init Initiates player trading with another player
/pt_modify_credits Modifies the amount of offered credits
/pt_remove Removes an item from trading
/r Reply to the last whisper
/s Send message to nearby players
/show_insurance_cost Shows how much will cost to buy another insurance slot
/show_insured_items Shows all insured items
/split_item Splits an item
/trace Send a trace packet that will collect statistics for network latency by collecting timestamps.
/trade Initiates player trading with another player
/uninsure_eq Requests equipment uninsurance
/uninsure_item Requests item uninsurance
/unstuck Teleports the player to the nearest resurrection point
/vs_buy_item Buy item from vendor
/vs_list_filters List all filters in vendor shop
/vs_list_items List all items in vendor shop filtered by filter
/vs_sell_item Sell item to vendor
/w Send message to player
/wasd Change control to WASD
/wqse Change control to WQSE
/y Send message to players further away