Leader(s): Undetermined
Officer(s): Craized, Hooters, Minova
General info
Faction: Noir
Type: PvP, PvE
Localization: Global
Recruiting: No
Website: Website
Forum: Forum


Redemption is a longstanding guild built on the bonds of friendship and the common desire to kick ass. We are a competitive guild and, as such, we strive to perfect our characters, techniques, and strategies; but at the same time we are relaxed, we joke around, and we don't take ourselves overly serious. It is a place for people to learn, laugh, compete, and make lifelong friendships.


Formed in 2002 by a small group of PvP friends in Anarchy Online, Redemption quickly grew to one of the top guilds on our server. We developed a reputation for our success in PvP and tower wars, as well as being one of the firsts to explore and defeat new PvE content. Since then the game has changed and most of the content is overseen by huge faction-wide alliances, giving little room or reason for guilds. The guild is still somewhat active in AO today as just a shell of what it used to be. Most of us have moved on to other things but the friends we made and the years we enjoyed in AO were some of the best, and now many of those old faces are coming back to give it a go in Earthrise!


Our objective in Anarchy Online was simply to "Kick ass and chew bubblegum." Obviously taken from Duke Nukem, but it summarizes our ideals nicely. That's the idea with Earthrise, too. We aim to keep the guild exclusive enough to have that family atmosphere, but large enough to be a serious competitor.

Territorial conquest and control are our top priorities. However, we aren't limited to just PvP. We're going to need crafters and, if PvE raids are needed to advance our characters, we'll do that too. We'll dabble in all these areas of the game, but above all else, we expect everyone to give their best effort in territorial PvP.