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Quests in EarthriseEdit

Apart from simple errands (move x from y to z) to more advanced errands (move x from y to z n times and talk to person a, b and c in between), Earthrise also offers a more linear storyline similar to what other RPGs offer. The randomly generated errands provides players with a easy way of gaining influence with the smaller organizations in Earthrise, but will also include negative standings towards organizations of opposite ideals.

Quests mainly revolve around the conflicts between the Noir and Continoma and many of them will include multiple solutions allowing the player to choose sides and alter their influence with either side, rather than having a fixed outcome.

Apart from this, more types of quests are in the works but can't be revealed at this stage in development. [1]

Quests and PvPEdit

Few weeks ago we already explained our plans for the Bounty Hunting system - where players who get killed can set up Bounties on the head of their killer, and Bounty Hunters receive "carte blanche" to kill those who have a reward put on their head. Bounty Hunters will be encouraged to do their hard work for many rewards - non-penalized PvP in secure areas is one of them but also they will unlock rewards as they achieve goals - both permanent and temporary. The best Bounty Hunters will even get their services advertised across the city of Sal Vitas or the underground base of Noir and gain them the recognition and respect of all those vengeance they carry out. We are also working on a system that will allow Guilds to announce a war to another Guild and have small benefits in a global war that takes over not only the contested territories but the whole island of Enterra. Finally, almost every quest in Earthrise will have effect on your Contribution score, a measure of your affiliation between Continoma and Noir. As you start to betray your brethren, you will be cast into treason and you could change your faction, and some quests will even send you out as an undercover agent, providing you with temporary change of faction just that you could carry out a secret mission in the enemy lines. Once completed, your initial faction affiliation will be restored along with a lucrative reward. [2]