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PVP in EarthriseEdit

Friendly fireEdit

It is entirely possible in Earthrise to attack and kill members of your own faction. The Masthead development team does not wish to impose artificial boundaries on player actions and as such, it is entirely up to the players themselves to decide who to attack. The organizations however might not like such criminal actions, and it may or may not be possible for a player to clean up his influence with the faction after attacking one of his own.

Guard NPCs will of course try to prevent any kind of criminal act, but guard NPCs can't be everywhere at the same time.[1]

Risks and rewardsEdit

Main article: Insurance

Should you happen to die in PVP, it is entirely possible for the winning player to loot items off of your corpse, provided you have not insured your items. As such it is not advised to bring out your most expensive equipment without the proper insurance policy.

Consensual PvPEdit

While the entire game PvP is none-consensual, Earthrise will feature consensual PvP as optional mechanics. It has many uses for players such as friendly sparring to check your ability and equipment built, for example. PvPers, who involve in real fights to the death otherwise, will want to do this on daily basis to stay competitive without risking their insurance upon death. We have some very exciting ideas in stock for consensual PvP that we cannot give away yet.[2]