Even when a player character takes no damage from an attack, the additional effects of that attack may still affect them. For this reason, the Negations are very important for players that want their characters to operate at full capacity. There are three Negations - Power, Control and Structure, each allowing the player character to resist different kinds of effects. The Negation values show what chance the player character has to evade the entire effect. Negations never reduce the amount of effect or stop any kind of damage.

Power NegationEdit

Power Negation defends the player character against effects that would reduce or block their offensive capabilities. Such effects are Disrupt, Jam and Interrupt.

Control NegationEdit

Control Negation stands for freedom of movement as it wards off conditions that would otherwise reduce or deny the player the control over thier character. The control-related effects are Slow, Stun and Immobilize.

Structure NegationEdit

Structure Negation protects against effects that would reduce the integrity of player character's defenses and resilience. Structure conditions are Burn, Leak and Sunder.