Production skill categoriesEdit

  • Repair Tools
  • Assault Railgun Production
  • Assault Rifle Manufacturing
  • Blade Manufacturing
  • Gauntlet Construvtion
  • Heavy Railgun Production
  • Infiltration Rifle Manufacturing
  • Missile Launcher Manufacturing
  • Mortar Launcher Manufacturing
  • Nanithic Stream Construction
  • Ranger Shotgun Manufacturing
  • Storm Shotgun Manufacturing
  • Stream Flamethrower Manufacturing
  • Support Rifle Manufacturing
  • Tactical Rifle Manufacturing
  • Wave Flamethrower Manufacturing
  • Power Armor Boots
  • Power Armor Gloves
  • Power Armor Helmets
  • Power Armor Leggings
  • Power Armor Vest
  • Protection Armor Boots
  • Protection Armor Gloves
  • Protection Armor Helmets
  • Protection Armor Leggings
  • Protection Armor Vest
  • Speed Armor Boots
  • Speed Armor Gloves
  • Speed Armor Helmets
  • Speed Armor Leggings
  • Speed Armor Vest
  • Toughness Armor Boots
  • Toughness Armor Gloves
  • Toughness Armor Helmets
  • Toughness Armor Leggings
  • Toughness Armor Vest
  • Athletics Devices
  • Combat Medic Devices

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