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Southeast of Sal Vitas is Exodus Island, a small island off the coast the first settlers originated. Huge investments saw the establishment of an underground facility at the base of an active volcano, at its core was the Human Consciousness Data Storage center, known commonly as the Librarium. Adorning the entrance of the complex is an inscription that has become a symbol both of the rebirth of humanity, and the reason that humanity has overcome the madness and destruction of the past: "Humans learn to fly not when they deny gravity, but when they realize it, accept it and learn to overcome it."

Miles of underground corridors, storehouses, laboratories and machinery have been constructed for the project, though today the island is deserted. All information from the Librarium has been transmitted elsewhere, and new, more advanced archiving technology is being used. The vast underground network that once teemed with the hope of mankind reborn now lies abandoned, and unknown perils lurk within, preying on the wayward visitor. The cradle of neo-humanity is all but forgotten.[1]


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