There are many types of equipment in Earthrise, the main are armor, weapons, ammunition, devices and vehicles.


Armor is mainly used in order to protect the character from external threats, although armor may also carry other special bonuses. A character in Earthrise have 5 different armor slots; helm, vest, gloves, leggings and boots. There are many different types of armor which characters are able to combine, as long as they meet the required skill for each piece.

Weapons and ammoEdit

There are multiple weapon types in Earthrise, weapons range from close combat melee weapons to long-range rifles.


Devices are required for different types of abilities, so in order to use healing abilities, a player would have to equip the right kind of healing device.


Main article: Transportation

Players are able to buy, sell and craft different types of vehicles that can be used in order to travel around Enterra.