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The Eastern Gardens was founded during the dawn of Sal Vitas. A chain of unfortunate decisions led the government’s creation of a neighborhood based on cultural differences, rather than around the fledgling uniform cultural paradigm. After the resurrection process reached its peak, cultural tensions were high. Citizens of Asian origin felt detached from the new society and wanted to form a new community apart from Sal Vitas.

The government acquiesced, asking only that the residents continue to support the government. The diligent population happily fulfilled their part of the deal.

Known as one of the most exotic places in Sal Vitas, Eastern Gardens truly has it all, as their inhabitants proudly would attest. A new black market has become a bone of contention for the residents and the government, however. A once perfectly organized community has become a hive of thieves, with numerous newly formed gangs all vying for a share of the market. At first, the government deployed additional SVS patrols to maintain order, but this soon turned futile, as new gangs continued to emerged during the conflict, stronger and more influential, and the black market reached a peak in development and activity. This left the government no other choice but to conduct major operations that sent the criminal activity into distress. The illegal exchange temporarily ceased, and many gang members either had their crystomatrix data destroyed or were put in psychological detention. With the threat of more extreme action, the gangs secretly signed a truce and established the Feast, an organization to control all illegal activity within set boundaries.[1]

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