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Combat is without a doubt one of most important mechanics in-game, it determines a big part of the gameplay, this article will mainly go about the combat mechanic basics. This is all subject to change and the article will grow the more information there will become available.

The Combat EngineEdit

Earthrise will be mix of both dynamic combat with a pinch of calculations in order to simplify certain actions.

Our combat is dynamic and will be as close to a 3D shooter as possible - your movement on the battlefield will matter and as long as your opponent does not move and you have your gun pointed at him, you're guaranteed to hit every time. But instead of complex calculation of ballistics of your gun, we use simplified mechanics that will allow players to easily guess the outcome of their actions. In the heat of the battle players won't have to bother with exact trajectories of the bullet - they will have to make sure the opponent is in the exact range of being shot effectively (and effective range will differ greatly between weapons) and they point at the target with their gun.

When the target is moving however, things get more traditional - based on their movement or move-based abilities, such as sprinting or jumping, targets will gain small passive dodge percentage. Also, we are working on a cover system that will use simplified abstract system, once again easy to comprehend and tough to master.[1]

There will also be no automatic shooting at your opponent.[2]

Our goal is to present our players a system that can learn easily and can use instinctively, rather than force them to think over every shot - in the heat of the battle, there will rarely be an opportunity to think before acting, and we want to keep these opportunities for changing combat tactics rather than requiring a degree in ballistics.[3]


Earthrise will use a mix of direct manual targeting at your opponent and some sort of locked targeting that both compensates for technical difficulties such as lag and remains realistic, without taking away the player skill factor we are counting very much on. In fact, we're currently expanding the system to allow for additional tactical planning when it comes to player skill in combat.[4]